The Chef.

Roberto Mendoza

Senior Executive Chef




We are delighted to welcome. Roberto E. Mendoza. To the prestigious post of  Senior Executive chef


He has worked in many of the top kitchens across United States, Canada, South America and Central America. ( Senior district Executive Chef for Wake forest university, The Beverly hills hotel, Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, UNCC, APSU, Oscar Awards, member of Art of Living retreat Center)


His cooking shows a deep respect for the ingredients, which means shopping the world for the highest quality ingredients and celebrating their natural form and essential flavors on the plate.


Chef Mendoza has cooked for such Famous personalities, as the prince of Saudia Arabia, Former president Clinton, Former president Bush, president Obama, Condoliza Rice, and many movie starts.


Ayurvedic  And Kosher certification


 A winner of three chef competitions.


Hispanic award Washington DC.


He like to help a lot the community, every thanksgiving day he cook for more than six thousand people, is an event where some churches get together and offer a thanksgiving meal for homeless and need people. He is working together with  some organizations to feed more than two hundred kids and there families in Albemarle school,  He  also building a cafeteria in Dominican Republic  to feed more than three hundred kids and their families who live in extreme poverty under his own organization The REMA of God. As well Helping children in Cochabamba Bolivia, Nicaragua and Honduras,  Helping La Mochila Feliz to send back pack with scholarship utensil to different countries.  Feed 500 children’s in Haiti. Also served as The Chef for Holly Angels in Gastonia.


 Recently he did a special event in el Salvador and raise money, together with Hilton’s princess hotel and Funda Rosario to built a health clinic and help 25,000 thousand children’s in the region.


 If you like read more about me please go to Google.  And look under: Chef. Roberto Mendoza